Protective Masks For Hospitals Workers Industries

Uniting Two Industries,
For The Greater Good!

We supply creators with all the required material

GL&M Design House

Creators sew the custom masks for an honorary fee

Creators & Artists

Health & Essential workplaces receive the masks

Health & Essential Workers
GL&M Design House has gathered our network of entertainment industry creatives across the nation to build mask-making teams. The donations collected through Creators VS COVID will help communities nationwide by providing frontline and essential workers the protective gear they need, while also, providing work to creatives with the technical skills to make this protective gear.

Nurse Masks

Donated to hospitals around the country for their employees working on front line

Rounded Masks

Donated to essential front line workers

Plague Masks

For a $300 or more donation you will receive a custom plague mask

Our Cause

Our Cause

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many states have asked their citizens to do their part and stay at home to flatten the curve. As a result, thousands of performers, designers, production assistants, and entertainment professionals are out of work. The Spring and Summer seasons usually represent a large portion of our entertainment industry’s revenue. What would have been our busiest season is now at a standstill.

Meanwhile, our essential workers are on the frontlines, putting themselves at risk, helping our communities persevere in the new normal. Hospitals and essential workplaces are quickly running out of the necessary equipment they need to protect their employees. These workers are our first responders and need to be cared for. We see an opportunity to unite for the greater good.

GL&M Design House has created an online platform where every donation we receive goes towards the production of accessible PPE across the nation. Providing out of work entertainment professionals some income and frontline workers the quality protection they deserve.


The Use of Your Dollar:

Every $ donated will support

GL&M Design House Purchasing All Materials Including:

High GSM Fabric, Elastic, Nose Bridge Wire, Nano Fiber Mask Filters & All Necessary Packaging

Materials Sent to Stretchy Screens To Precut & Package For Shipping


Shipping Completed Masks Kits to Each Creator Nationwide (100 per case)


Payout To 6 Entertainment Industry Professionals, i.e., Creator Per Mask and Manager Running Creator's Region & Stretchy Screen


GL&M Design House Operational Costs


Anything Leftover Will Be Rolled Back Into Buying Materials So That We Can Provide More Mask Kits To Creators Across The Country Currently Without Work and Donate More Masks to Places in Need.

If you are not an essential worker but would like to purchase a mask, we will have a store coming soon with limited edition masks made by our creators. Family Mask Kits, As Well.


Which of these roles describes you best?


and Essential Business Workers

Send in your information below so we can provide you with a creator in your area.


Entertainers and Artists

Click the link to fill out the form to get involved to help your community.


All donations go towards providing masks to help communities nationwide & financial relief to entertainers/designers out of work during this crisis.


Each creator will locate a hospital and essential workplace drop center in their area.  Once delivery is confirmed & verified, the creator will send it to their regional manager, which will report proof of all masks made back to GL&M Design House.

Our regional managers will reach out to their local hospital to check guidelines for masks that can be donated and made to these specifications. These masks are to be used for lower-risk patient care to make N95’s more readily available for high-risk care or as a last resort. Hospitals are required to sign off on understanding this.

Essential Workplaces will also receive donated masks, which generally don’t have specifications

GL&M Design House designed this project to help the designers and creative performers who have lost all income due to CoVID. We also understand many other industries have been affected, in the future if we receive enough donations to support cost, we may consider other designers as well.    

GL&M Design House is supplying all our creators with a “CREATOR STARTER KIT.”

Each kit will contain:

  • Sewing Instructions
  • Precut mask patterns to practice
  • Sanitation Spray Bottle
  • Mask Pleat Jig
  • Elastic Threader
  • Gloves

Our Story

Founded in 2010 by Alexandra and her husband Broderick, GL&M Productions has supplied unique costume design and entertainers for large scale productions for over ten years. Some of their clients include Electric Forest, Dirtybird Productions, Lightning In a Bottle and more.

Alexandra and GL&M’s Art Director, Alyssa, have been designing innovative costuming together for over four years. In early February 2020, Alexandra and Co-Founder Alyssa began a new venture called, GL&M Design House. They were ready to proceed with the design phase in March when the seriousness of COVID-19 became clearer across the nation.

With so many in the entertainment industry out of work, they decided to put the original project of GL&M Design House on hold and use the platform that connects them to thousands of creators nationwide to start Creators vs COVID.